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Releasing Fall 2020 in Boston

The First Ever Reverse Marketplace for Event Tickets

Tired of overpaying for tickets and being charged extraneous fees? TicketRev is for you.

Bid On Events

Choose Seating Area

Select the sections and rows you'd like to sit in. We'll find you tickets within this range.

Set Quantity & Offer Price

Let us know how many tickets you need and what you'd like to pay for each.

Await Seller Acceptance

You'll be notified as soon as a seller accepts your bid. You will be charged upon bid acceptance.

Sell Tickets Instantly

Accept Matching Bid

Select an event and find the highest bid matching the location of your ticket.

Transfer Tickets

Once you've accepted a bid, transfer your tickets to us for verification.

Get Paid

You'll receive payment upon verification. No more posting or updating ticket listings.

More Buying Power

Our unique bidding model allows users to choose exactly where they want to sit and what they want to pay. You'll never have to scroll through listings ever again.

Never List Again

Since buyers place real offers, you can accept one at the click of a button. No more posting or updating your listings on other marketplaces.

No Fees for Buyers

Tired of getting to checkout and seeing ridiculous processing fees? We've eliminated all fees for buyers.

Our marketplace is built by fans just like you. We can't wait for you to join us.

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